McG Research & Marketing is now MRM Insights!

We provide data analytics, business strategy, operational leadership, and marketing services for B2C and B2B clients to help them achieve transformative results.

  • Insights


    We conduct analyses and research that lead to "aha!" insights and outside-the-box thinking. We derive insights through carefully constructed data analytics and market research engagements.

  • Actions


    We bring creative and disciplined resources to help our clients fully realize the potential from game-changing insights. We have particular expertise navigating the rapid migration and evolution of online marketing, social media, and mobile communications.

  • Results


    Success is the outcome of a continuous learning process that only works if you can clearly interpret the outcomes of your actions. That's why we work with our clients to ensure that the results of sales and marketing activities are observed, analyzed and understood. We make the data talk, bridging the gap between information and the wisdom that it yields.

Our Services

Data Analytics

Data Management & Analytics

We bring disparate data together into a single source of truth and transform data into actionable insights for better business decision making.

Market Research

Market Research

Great research starts with great questions. We work closely with our clients to clearly define research hypotheses and areas worthy of investigation, and we provide our clients with great research tools to help seek answers to their creative and meaningful questions.

Market Execution

Market Execution

We work closely with our clients to combine business strategies with tactical execution to deliver profitable growth.

Our Clients

We have had the privilege to help these and many more great companies achieve their sales, marketing, operational and financial objectives:

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